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AmaWaterways Partners With Jerne To Boost Influencer Outreach

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AmaWaterways has partnered with Jerne to connect with influential travel creators and experience providers.

The partnership will provide creators access to partnership opportunities while giving AmaWaterways an end-to-end solution for controlling all aspects of the relationship.

This includes verifying creator credentials to establish specific deliverables to the legalities of distribution to the content management itself and important ROI reporting.

Approved creators now have access to apply for, experience, create content for, and promote AmaWaterways river cruises to new audiences around the world.

Kristin Karst, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, AmaWaterways, said:

“Since starting the company in 2002, innovation has always been a driving force in every aspect of our business – from our ship design, creation of itineraries and onboard experiences to our approach to marketing and sales.

“We are excited to be part of this new collaboration with Jerne ensuring the joys of river cruising are shared with more travellers searching for a personalized vacation experience.”

Janet Bava, Chief Marketing Officer, AmaWaterways, said:

“This efficient and innovative platform provides AmaWaterways with an opportunity to work with a broad range of talented content creators and influencers who provide an incredible amount of additional targeted marketing reach.

“Essentially building awareness and providing inspiration to encourage an entirely new group of travellers to discover river cruising.”

The cruise line said that consumer confidence in the quality of a recommendation is “key in convincing travellers to try a product that is new to them.”

According to Nielsen, 71% of consumers trust advertising opinions and product placement from content creators.

Luxury is also top of mind for those looking to the creator economy for inspiration.

A recent study by Stelico Consulting Group found that 76% of luxury travellers selected their hotel brand, cruise line or airline based on social media.

60% said they had previously purchased travel based on a social media post by a celebrity or influencer.

Tim Morgan, CEO of Jerne, said: “Whether created by influencers, bloggers, or others, user-generated content is an increasingly important and economical channel for influencing the buying decisions of travellers.

“Recognised as an innovator within the river cruise sector, AmaWaterways embraced this new platform and became the first to embed a creator economy strategy into its overall corporate vision.”

Jerne is the Official Creator Economy Partner of Forbes Travel Guide, the global authority on luxury hospitality.

The company provides its platform to thousands of hotels, villas, restaurants, spas, tour, and cruise operators around the world.

Creators interested in working with AmaWaterways can begin the process at https://www.jerne.com/amawaterways.

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