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EU Holds Capital of Smart Tourism 2022 Competition

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In addition to the European Destination of Excellence 2022 Competition, the European Commission apparently also held the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2022 Competition to reward European cities that are most superior in the field of tourism.

As is known, the tourism sector plays an important role in generating growth and employment in the EU, but until now this has not been fully explored, especially in the field of smart tourism.

All cities are vying to recover quickly from the impact of the pandemic and smart tourism practices in line with the green and digital transition. Innovation, accessibility, and sustainability are the future of tourism.

On that basis, the European Commission wants cities in the region to be at the forefront of implementing smart tourism. For this reason, it is fitting that the most superior city be named the Capital of Smart Tourism 2022.

The winners for European Capital of Smart Tourism 2022 are the ones who excel in areas such as accessibility, sustainability, digitization, cultural heritage, and creativity. Registration deadline is until June 16 and the announcement of winners will be made in November 2021.

As Helsinki and Lyon were selected as winners of the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019, and Helsinki and Malaga in 2020, this competition will also determine two winners.