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Is a vaccine passport on its way in?

With the vaccine rollout on track, many are hoping that we can begin planning our next adventure outside the UK. According to a recent survey, 1 in 5 UK residents said that the main reason for wanting the Covid-19 vaccine is so that they could travel again, this coincides with most people agreeing that only those with the Covid-19 vaccine should be able to travel.

With the vaccine and advancement of technology, this could open up the introduction of a new type of passport, the Vaccine Passport. Most agree that vaccine passports must become an essential travel document in order to restart international tourism. 

Numerous Covid-19 Apps are currently being trialled amongst a number of airlines, one being British Airways trialling mobile health passport, VeriFLY. VeriFLY, an app which can be downloaded onto mobile devices where passengers can check they meet all entry requirements of their destination, verify test certificates and required travel documents necessary before they leave home. 

According to Forbes, some companies, and even countries, are now demanding proof of vaccination before making any initial travel reservations. Saga Cruises is the first in the UK to demand this and have additionally made vaccines compulsory for travel at least 14 days before departure, the Greek prime minister has said he would welcome British holidaymakers if they could prove they have been vaccinated.

However, some have made remarks that only opening the world to those who have been vaccinated is unfair. Those who may not be able to be vaccinated should not be discriminated against, particularly those in less advanced countries or in a different age bracket.

So, what do you think about the potential implementation of a vaccine passport?

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