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JetBlue Embraces Discover the World to Drive Sales in the UK

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JetBlue, a low-cost airline based in Long Island City, New York, is partnering with Discover the World, a global travel agency based in Arizona (US) and London (UK), to boost sales in the UK.

JetBlue is specifically partnering with Discover the World as the launch of its first Transatlantic route flight. Discover the World, which has more than 100 clients in 60 countries, is considered capable of successful ticket sales for the new flight route.

Moreover, JetBlue and Discover the World have jointly appointed a dedicated sales team headed by Senior Sales Manager Claire Herbert and supported by sales executive Alexandra Joyce. Herbert comes from the Finnair and Aero Mexico companies, while Joyce is from Reed & MacKay and BCD Travel, New Zealand.

“JetBlue is a challenging brand and provides customers with an amazing product at an annoying rate. Our new Transatlantic product is the result of extensive research over the last few years,” said Maja Gedosev, General Manager of JetBlue Europe, on Tuesday (20/4).

JetBlue chose London as its first BlueCity on its Transatlantic route. The Transatlantic route will change the narrative in the aviation industry in the UK and around the world. “This is the right product at the right time,” said Ia Murray, Global CEO of Discover the World.

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