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MSC Cruises Introduces the MSC Starship Club Featuring the World’s First Humanoid Robotic Bartender at Sea

  • The MSC Starship Club is a unique futuristic immersive experience launching on new flagship MSC Virtuosa.
  • MSC Cruises’ Humanoid Robotic Bartender, Rob, and his cosmic cocktails will be the star of this unique bar and entertainment experience.

MSC Cruises revealed the details of the immersive, futuristic MSC Starship Club featuring Rob, the first-ever humanoid, robotic bartender at sea.

The MSC Starship Club will be exclusively available on board the line’s newest flagship MSC Virtuosa when she comes into service from 16 April this year (2021).

An integrated bar and entertainment experience, including 3D holograms, an immersive digital art wall and a 12-seater infinity digital interactive table, guests can explore space with their own personalised galactic tour. 

Engaging the guests with his voice and human-like expressions for a fully immersive bar experience, Rob will mix and serve his signature cocktails just like a human bartender.

With bartenders dressed as if they had just stepped out of a sci-fi movie supported by the immersive surroundings and technology will ensure that the MSC Starship Club is a must-visit attraction for all ages.

This latest innovation takes cutting-edge robotics and digital technologies to deliver a futuristic, immersive entertainment lounge, completely re-imagining the traditional bar experience to literally transport guests to another world. During this time, MSC Cruises has worked with leading experts from companies specialising in robotics and automation, interior design as well as entertainment and digital experience solutions to create a custom designed entertainment venue with a humanoid robot as the star.

MSC Virtuosa is the line’s newest flagship and will come into service in April this year. Each and every MSC Cruises ship is unique and MSC Virtuosa will feature new experiences for guests, with the introduction of Rob being just one of them. She will be highly equipped with cutting-edge technologies and environmentally conscious capabilities.

After completing a few three, four and five-night cruises in the Mediterranean, MSC Virtuosa will be deployed to Northern Europe in summer 2021 with a range of itineraries to the Norwegian fjords and Baltic capital cities.

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