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Quark Expeditions Adds New Ship Fleet Named Ultramarine

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Quark Expeditions, a specialist expeditionary travel company to Antarctica and the Arctic headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States, recently added several new fleets of a polar ship, Ultramarine, produced by the Brodosplit shipyard in Split, Croatia.

The ship full of technology was declared by President of Quark Expeditions Andrew White as a game-changing ship that will soon explore the arctic region. “Every aspect of Ultramarine has been designed and engineered to enable us to bring guests into the Kutup wilderness better than ever before,” he said.

The Ultramarine is 128 meters (420 feet) long and can accommodate up to 199 guests. Apart from its charming minimalist design, the ship is said to be sophisticated because it is equipped with the latest technological features. The ship also has a Micro Automatic Gasification System (MAGS) that can convert the on-site energy waste it generates.

On board the ship is also a helipad capable of accommodating two twin-engine helicopters allowing guests to explore new destinations that are accessible by air, enjoy unique views of the poles from above, and so on.

“So many people have contributed to the building of this ship, and that includes our expedition team whose input is driving so much innovation that catapulted Ultramarine into a league of its own,” explained Malcolm Ellis, Senior Vice President of Operations for Quark Expeditions.

As a leading shipping company, Quark Expeditions operates under Travelopia, a global travel group from West Sussex, UK, with experience operating more than 50 brands. Apart from Quark Expeditions, Travelopia also operates the World Challenge, etc.

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