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the magic of trinidad

Diwali, Christmas & Cricket

Trinidad, one of the Caribbean’s most vibrant island nations, is inviting travellers to come together this November and December to celebrate its unique blend of culture, tradition and cricket.

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Every year in November, Trinidadians come together to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, a tradition embraced by the entire nation regardless of faith, beliefs and background.

The nights of Diwali are a truly spectacular sight to behold.

As the sky darkens, hundreds of thousands of deyas (oil lamps) and decorative lights illuminate homes, temples, and public spaces, casting a warm and inviting glow over the island. The atmosphere is electric, filled with the sounds of music and laughter, the aromas of delicious food, and the palpable sense of unity and joy.

divali in trinidad
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Trinidadians come together to embrace the festival’s message of hope, light, and new beginnings. A special time of year when the island’s rich cultural diversity is on full display. It’s also a time for families and communities to gather, and there are many cultural events and performances to enjoy.

Travellers will have the opportunity to watch traditional Indian performances including dances and songs, savour mouthwatering vegetarian cuisine, and join in the lighting of deyas (oil lamps) when it gets dark. The hospitality of the Trinidadian people will make all feel at home during this celebration of light triumphing over darkness.

A vibrant and joyous celebration, Diwali showcases Trinidad’s multicultural heritage. Traditional Hindu rituals and customs blend seamlessly with modern elements, creating a unique and inclusive experience for all.

A Tropical Wonderland
The Festival of Lights
A Spectacular Sight to Behold
Sports Fever
World Class Sports in the Sun

Christmas: A Tropical Wonderland

Guests will be swept up in the festive spirit, which pervades the entire island. They can immerse themselves in the lively rhythms of parang music, a distinctive fusion of Spanish, African, and Venezuelan influences, and dance the night away to the beat of the cuatro and maracas while savouring traditional Trinidad dishes like pastelles, black cake and the country’s renowned rums.

The streets and landmarks of Trinidad will be adorned with holiday lights and decorations. From the bustling capital, Port of Spain, to the charming villages that dot the island, vibrant displays will leave travellers awestruck.

There will also be opportunities to shop at numerous local artisan markets for unique gifts and souvenirs. Your guests can take home a piece of Trinidad’s vibrant culture to cherish for years to come.

Sport Fever: Sun, Sports and Fun

For sports enthusiasts, Trinidad offers a world-class experience where they can witness thrilling sporting events in action amidst the infectious energy of the Trinidadian people. From top-tier stadiums to internationally accredited venues, Trinidad has it all, and with a passion for sports that runs deep, attending a game on the island is an immersion into the heart of the action.

The vibrant cheers of the crowd, the exhilarating on-field action and the camaraderie among fans create an unforgettable experience for any sports fan. And while cheering from the stands, they can savour the local delicacies and beverages on offer.

Trinidad’s lush landscapes, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage provide plenty of opportunities for exploration and relaxation before and after any sporting event, making it the perfect destination for a sports-filled vacation.