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Ticket Booking Innovations Enhance the Lufthansa Customer Experience

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Technological innovations in the aviation industry and their supporters continue to be improved from time to time. Recently, Fareportal, an online travel agency based in New York, introduced its newest innovation called New Distribution Capability.

The New Distribution Capability allows the purchase of Lufthansa Group tickets, which include Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Switzerland and Brussels Airlines, through the Fareportal website having access to a variety of other products and services within one company group.

“We are very pleased to be able to support the airline Lufthansa Group, our valued partner, in the integration of New Distribution Capability with hybrid travel agents. This is the first integration with a major airline,” said Sam S. Jain, CEO and founder of Fareportal.

The New Distribution Capability innovation is campaigned as a way to improve the customer experience, but in essence, it actually provides space for airline customers to purchase other products besides tickets and baggage.

With this integrated innovation, according to Chema Alvardo, Executive Vice President of Supplier Relations at Fareportal, Lufthansa Group customers are not only easier to purchase tickets and baggage, but also bags, branded fares, other additional packages, and continuous price offers.

That way, the total revenue of Lufthansa Group, an airline headquartered in Cologne, Germany, will increase due to additional potential non-ticket revenue. The Lufthansa Group, which operates around the world, will launch this new innovation in early April.

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