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One of the most beautiful nature reserves in Trinidad.

The largest mangrove wetland & an important eco site in Trinidad.

Home to over 180 species of birds, 20 of which are endangered.

A bird watcher's paradise, home to rare and tropical birds, & winter migrants.

Join a 2.5-hour boat tour through the mangroves.

Look out for the national bird of Trinidad:
The Scarlet Ibis.

A 12,000 acre swamp land, a nursery for marine and freshwater species.

Located 14km south of, or 36 minutes from Port of Spain.

Entry free is approximately £8 per person. Open daily from dawn to dusk.

Sunset dinner tours are available with a private boat & 3-course meals.

The perfect Caribbean beach with white sand, palm trees and the blue-green sea.

Located on the north side of the island, 41 minutes' drive from Port of Spain.

Popular with tourists, great for swimming, tanning, kayaking & body surfing.

Great facilities: Umbrellas & sun chairs, toilets, parking.

A great lunch spot with many food vendors; try the Bake & Shark, a popular favourite.

A renowned wildlife sanctuary and research centre.

 A nature resort and scientific research station in the Arima Valley.

Approximately 1 hour  from Port of Spain by car, a beautiful scenic drive.

Guests can visit for a day or stay the night, guided tours are available.

See hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, plants and other wildlife.

270-acres including the main house with an inn and restaurant.

One of the most biodiverse areas in the West Indies, home to more than 250 bird species.

Limited food choices, lunch buffet available for $140TT per person.

Home to rare Oilbird colonies; complimentary tours to restricted sites available.

Trinidad's national icon, a pilgrimage site with a fascinating history.

Located on the water's edge on a man-made island, a holy site.

Built by hand by a devout Hindu, Siewdass Sadhu in the 1930s & 1947.

Featuring an 85 ft statue of the Hindu God, Hanuman and other Hindu deities.

About 35km or 48 minutes from Port of Spain, in Waterloo.

Make the most out of your customers' time here in Trinidad with our specially curated selection of thrilling and insightful activities. These excursions and tours will appeal to all kinds of travellers and are suitable for the whole family.

Angostura Tour

Visit the Angostura Museum & art gallery and learn about the nearly 700 species of butterflies that call Trinidad their home.

Hike The Waterfalls

Hike to one of Trinidad's 25 beautiful waterfalls with Avocat, Argyle and Rio Seco being the top 3 most recommended to visit.

Sail The Western Peninsula

Set sail from Chaguaramas, the centre of yachting activities in Trinidad & coast along the western peninsula to breathtaking views.

Chocolate Making

Visit a cocoa estate, see how cocoa is grown and processed, and then try your hand at chocolate making!

Visit A Panyard

Visit an authentic pan yard where the island's best steel bands practice; experience live steel drum music in its birthplace.

The Paramin Experience

Explore ‘the Spice Basket of Trinidad’ on this 5-hour tour, try local cuisine & meet the Paramin Blue Devil during Carnival season.