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The Pitch Lake

Fort George

The Royal Botanical Gardens

The National Museum & Art Gallery

The Temple Of The Sea

Leatherback Turtle Nesting

The Magnificent Seven

Gasparee Caves

Mud Volcano

The 8th Wonder of the World, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Visitors can soak in the natural sulphur pools & enjoy the bountiful birdlife.

“Trinidad’s Greatest Oddity” - Lonely Planet.

Location: 1 hour 17 minutes from Port of Spain.

World’s largest natural deposits of asphalt - 100 acres & 75-metres deep, one of only 3 in the world.

Best time to visit: Before 10am.

Travel tips

  • Entrance fee is $30 TTD per person
  • Visitors are required to enlist the service of an official guide who will take them on a tour of the lake. Go to the Visitors’ Centre to sign up
  • Important: Official guides wear red shirts and name badges. Advise guests, if they enjoy their tour to to leave a tip for their guides
  • Beware of unofficial guides at the parking lot
  • Wear sunscreen, flat shoes or sandals and shorts or trousers that can be rolled up

A historic site in Trinidad, built in 1804 by former British Governor Brigadier-General Sir Thomas Hislop.

Features an intricate wooden signal station built by a West African prince.

Also on display are original canons and dungeons.

Offers beautiful panoramic views of the Gulf of Paria, St. James and Port of Spain.

Location: 12 minutes drive from Port of Spain.

Best time to visit: Late afternoon for amazing sunsets.

Travel tips

  • No entrance fee to Fort George
  • There are no food or drink vendors – pack a light meal & bring bottled water
  • Restrooms are available, as well as a Visitor’s Centre

One of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

Established in 1818 on a sugar cane plantation owned by the Peschier family.

Over 68 acres, home to over 700 plant species & tropical birds, a photographer’s paradise.

Visitors can explore the stately Presidential Palace & old cemetery.

Location: 6 minutes from Port of Spain, just north of Queen’s Park Savannah.

Best time to visit: Early morning or late afternoon.

Travel tips

  • No entrance fee to the Botanical Gardens
  • Local guides are available at the Visitor’s Centre + educational events & tours
  • There are picnic tables & some food vendors on site
  • Parking is limited, buses are available & restrooms are near the entrance
  • Combine your visit with a trip to the Queen’s Park Savannah & Emperor Zoo

A great destination to learn about Trinidad’s complex history, rich culture & heritage.

Housed in a beautiful Victorian-style building established in 1892.

Over 10,000 artefacts on display (a mix of natural & cultural history) in 7 galleries.

Featuring original paintings by local artists, Michael-Jean Cazabon - Trinidad’s greatest painter & previous Carnival costumes.

Location: In the heart of Port of Spain, right next to Queen’s Park Savannah.

Best time to visit: Anytime between 10am to 3pm.

Travel tips

  • No entrance fee to the National Museum & Art Gallery
  • Great for kids and elderly visitors
  • Plenty of opportunities for pictures
  • Classic films & Carnival videos are screened on loop in the audio-visual room
  • Head to Queen’s Park Savannah after for ice-cold treats and drinks

A pilgrimage site on a manmade island with a fascinating history, a national icon of Trinidad.

Built by an Indian labourer, Siewdass Sadhu in the 1930s and again in 1947 with his own bare hands.

Featuring beautiful views, an 85 ft statue of the Hindu God, Hanuman and other Hindu deities.

Location: Waterloo, 38 minutes from Port of Spain.

Best time to visit: At high tide, closest to sunset.

Travel tips

  • No entrance fee to the Temple of the Sea
  • Interiors are reserved for devotees – remove your shoes if you wish to go in
  • Remember to behave respectfully
  • There is no public transportation to the Temple of the Sea, get a private car or go with a tour company

Trinidad is one of the world's most important nesting grounds for Leatherback turtles.

There are 2 main nesting beaches in Trinidad where Leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs.

Guided tours are available during nesting season; vistors can join official tour guides to witness the nesting process.

The tours are 2.5 hours long, from 7pm onwards at the North East coast, 2 hours' drive from Port Of Spain.

Travel tips

  • Nesting beaches are restricted to the public to prevent further disruption to the turtle population – permits are required to enter
  • All visitors must go with a tour group
  • Flash light, bright lights & photography are prohibited
  • Keep a safe distance from the laying turtle
  • Wear comfortable shoes, and long clothing

Seven historical mansions built during Spanish and British rule in the early 20th century.

These mansions are located on the west of Queen's Park Savannah on Maraval Road.

They are open to the public and are an integral part of Trinidad's history and culture.

The mansions are: Whitehall, Roomor, Killarney, Mille Fleurs, Hayes Court, The Queen's Royal College, The Archbishop's House.

The properties are listed by the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago as heritage sites.

Best time to visit: Anytime between 10am to 6pm.

Travel tips

  • Guided tours are available with a tour group
  • No fees and  bookings required to enter the Magnificent Seven
  • There are no parking available
  • Explore Queen’s Park Savannah before or after your visit

A network of ancient limestone caves located 100 feet underground on Gasper Grande island.

Guests can explore caverns filled with stalagmites & stalactites, with the largest cave known as "The Blue Grotto".

At the bottom of The Blue Grotto, there is a beautiful, crystal clear salt water pool with aquamarine waters.

Other caves on the island include the White Cave, the Brioge Cavern and the Precipice Cavern.

Location: Gasper Grande Island, close to Chaguaramas Bay in northwest Trinidad, a 25-minute boat ride from Port Of Spain.

Best time to visit: On sunny days, between 9am to 4pm.

Travel tips

  • Do not go alone – only tour groups are permitted into the Gasparee Caves
  • Tours take approximately 3 hours upon arrival to the island
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Bring your swimwear – visitors can swim in Biscayne Bay after their tour

Trinidad is home to over 18 mud volcanoes which are located mainly in the southern half of the island.

One of the most popular mud volcanoes is L’eau Michel Mud Volcano in southern Trinidad.

Mud volcanoes are open to the public, visitors can enjoy a mud bath and a picnic.

Visitors can also swim at the L’eau Michel Beach, a 30-minute walk from the mud volcano.

Best time to visit: Day time, anytime between 9am and 6pm

Location: Near Penal, approximately a 1 hour drive from Port Of Spain.

Travel tips

  • No entrance fee to the L’eau Michel Mud Volcano
  • To get to the mud volcano, visitors would have to endure a 30-minute hike along a dirt road
  • There are no signages, bathrooms, or any other facilities
  • Wear comfortable clothes, bring along snacks & water and change of clothes
  • It is recommended to enlist the service of an experienced guide to avoid getting lost