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Trinidad’s Totally Toco Foodie Extravaganza Tour

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Trinidad has announced their Totally Toco Foodie Extravaganza Tour.

On Sunday the 15th of October, guests can eat their way from the eco-rich turtle village of Matura, all the way up to the beautiful cocoa village of Grande Riviere.

Along the way, they will experience some of the many villages that make up the Toco region.

The Coast-to-Coast Foodie experience includes: 

  • A cup of pineapple or mango chow marinated in salt prunes & fresh local seasonings
  • A nostalgic “Country Sweets Goodie Bag”
  • A cup of hot traditional cocoa tea
  • A tasty country-style lunch with your choices of meats or seafood, such as chicken, pork, duck, curry crab, shrimp, or fish served with sides of either provision, dumplings, veggie rice, or macaroni pie paired with callaloo, lentils, or red beans
  • A scoop of 100% homemade ice cream with flavors like Guava, Ginger, Nutmeg, Barbardeen, Coconut-Pumpkin, Beetroot-Carrot, and Passion-Fruit ice cream
  • A fireside roasted bake served with roast fish to end off the day
  • Scenic photo stops throughout the day


  • Cost: Local residents $410TTD per person and foreign visitors $95USD per person
  • This activity is suitable for persons 5 years and older
  • Includes transportation and all the country-styled food and treats mentioned above

Payment and booking deadline: Friday, 6th October, 2023

Many of the vendors have a variety of additional products and treats on sale that customers can purchase to further support their businesses, including:

  • Salt-fish and smoked herring Accra, Pholourie, geera meats, roast and boil corn at our first stop on SS Corner, Matura
  • Seafood platters and stuffed snapper at Aunty Kay’s in Balandra (based on availability and must be ordered before the tour, we can assist in ordering this for those interested)
  • Handmade artisan chocolate bars, instant chocolate, or cocoa bars from Grande Riviere Chocolates

Meeting point:  Mt Hope Hospital Car Park

Meeting time: 7:30am

Departure time: 8:00am

Expected return time: 8:30pm

For more information, visit visittrinidad.tt/

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